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Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer, Good or Bad?

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The rumor that Mass Effect 3 will be having multiplayer has been confirmed. It’s been going around the rumor mill for quite some time, the most recent one was a scan of a South African magazine that had the contents of Mass Effect 3’s Collector Edition. The magazine said it had a “multiplayer online pass” in the bundle. An online co-op mode, that is stand alone, will be included in ME3 sources told Eurogamer. So now we can fight along side our friends! 

I know I’m excited yet also skeptical of this feature. Mass Effect 3 is one of the most amazing titles out there to this date that was still only single player. Often have I seen a game that was amazing have some sort of multiplayer mode because the fans the developer felt that they needed a multiplayer mode to survive in todays market. With games like Call of Duty and Halo being the monsters that they are, who can blame them? But when a games like Bioshock, Dead Space, and Fable jump on the multiplayer band wagon and dont do their game justice with the multiplayer, I think they should just leave it out and use those work hours to better their game. Sometimes a game is meant only to be single player. What do you think will ME3 be hurt by this addition? 

Source: EuroGamer


Makarov Makes his Move

Probably the biggest holiday release title, MW3, is just around the corner. With tons of multiplayer trailers and gameplay videos out there already, the game has a lot of hype to its name. Personally for me the Modern Warfare series carries so much weight because of the single player aspect of the game. Now don’t get me wrong I love the multiplayer…sometimes, but the campaign was always the bread and butter for me. 

The campaign trailer hit the net not even two days ago and is already over 26 thousand views. It shows Makarov’s plans finally coming to fruition and Price and Soap not far behind to do what they can to make WWIII as short as possible. Take a peak below to watch the trailer yourself.

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Chickens that Snitch

Awhile back Bethesda’s Executive Producer, Todd Howard, said that some amusing bugs may be left in Skyrim. Well, unless its game breaking. Recently during an interview with PC Gamer Todd brought one of the entertaining bug to light. 

While discussing Radiant Story, Skyrim’s new way to narrate the player’s story, PC Gamer asked if Radiant Story has done anything that surprised him. Apparently a bug developed where chickens were reporting crimes to the guard. Players were being caught for crimes and had no idea how. After some digging around, they finally found out that the “stool pigeons” were the chickens. Now even though they took it out, some PC modders have vowed to bring it back later down the road. 

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Delayed, Delayed, Delayed

Like my artwork? All I could come up with.

So far this year, from the titles I know about, there are seven different games this holiday that are being delayed one way or another. Some due to “We just aren’t ready”, others probably just to not compete with the larger titles. Regardless of the reason, the bottom line is that they have been pushed back. 

The titles are as follows:


Assassin’s Creed: Revalations (PC only): Was supposed to be launched on November 15th for all systems, but will now won;t be available until December 2nd for PC. Looks like us PC assassin’s will be a bit behind on our Templar killing.

Dawntide: The MMO Dawntide, by Working as Intended, was supposed to go live on October 1st (for those of you reading this as it goes up: Yes, that’s yesterday.) Rumors have it that the game wasn’t ready for launch and the MMO will now be available at “a later date.”

Twisted Metal: The next installment in the Twisted Metal series is going to miss its October 4th launch date. It will now instead be launched early 2012 exclusively on the PS3. So keep your engines at idle until then folks.

Diablo 3: I know I made a post about it a while back, but it still makes the list. The long, long, LONG awaited Diablo 3 will be missing its holiday release and instead be making an early 2012 one. If perfecting this insta-classic means I have to wait a few more months then so be it. I need more time to play Skyrim and Batman anyways.

Speaking of Batman!

Batman: Arkaham City (PC only): Yes, sadly Batman: Arkham City is being delayed on the PC. The title was scheduled to launch on October 18th on all platfroms, but unfortunately it was delayed until November on the PC. This delay doesn’t mean anything to those buying the game on a console. Until November, us PC Caped Crusaders and Whip Wielding Thieves must lie in the shadows and wait.

Just two more to go folks.

Phantasy Star Online 2: To those of you who remember spending long nights and countless hours playing this games predecessor on the Dreamcast, this may come to you as some what of a let down. Phantasy Star Online 2 has been pushed back until 2012 with no specific date. After some gameplay issues were pointed out in the games alpha stage, Sega decided to push the game back and have a second alpha stage early 2012. Now even though I’m looking forward to this game, I’ll never get to play it and neither will you. Phantasy Star Online is Japan exclusive after all. Hey don’t judge me! I have to write about it all.

King of Fighters XIII: Sadly KoF was delayed until November 22nd, missing its oringinally estimated release date of October. Atlus, the developer, just wants to make sure that this will be the finest installment of the title. So keep training on your button combos and transitions folks, November isn’t too far.

Even with all of the delays this year looks VERY promising with all the AAA-titles coming out this holiday. If the holiday doesn’t break your walllet, early 2012 will be sure to come buy and deliver the final blow.

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Rocksmith Bundle Looks Worthwhile

For me, one of the best things about Guitar Hero was being able to pretend that I could actually play guitar. Well pretend no more! Ubisoft’s Rocksmith will actually teach you how to play guitar. It uses an adapter so you can plug in a real guitar into your console or PC and it teaches you chords,songs, riffs, all that fun jazz. If you’re 100% new to this, I recommend you pick up the bundle. It comes with the game,adapter, two picks, a guitar strap, and a Epiphone Junior (don’t ask me if that’s a guitar you can pick up at Guitar Center.) It will run you $199.99 though. You should also head down to Guitar Center or whatever musical instrument store near you to pick up a guitar stand. Of course if you already have all the above you can get just the game and adapter and be set to go as well.

The game launches October 18th of this year and will be available on Ps3, Xbox360, and PC. So pick it up and rock out, readers!

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Portal 2’s First DLC Now has a Release Date

"Peer Review", Portal 2’s first DLC, is scheduled to go live on October 4th. It will be available on PC, Xbox360, and PS3 for a measly zero dollars. Peer Review will let you continue to out smart GLaDOS as P-Body and Atlas. 

Also the new single-player and co-op Challenge Mode, complete with leaderboards, is now available. 

Source: EuroGamer